Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Is it easier to morally and ethically justify abortion or to biologically and sociologically justify homosexual marriage? I know what I think.


Kevin S. said... it easier to justify murder or adultery? I have no answer.

Anonymous said...

You have a very good question. And unless I spend a whole lot of time explaining myself, then many people will probably disagree with me. However, I do believe that one is easier to justify than the other, given your terms. With over-population being an issue worldwide, then socialogically, you could "justify" homosexuality. But as far as moral implications are concerned, it would be very hard to justify the taking the life of an unborn baby. I am not saying that it is wrong in every circumstance, b/c I know that sometimes their are extenuating circumstances. But if you try to justify it using morals and ethics, then it would be hard to say that you could take the life of a being that cannot defend or speak for itself. The only way that this could be justified would be to deny that the "life" even exists until birth. So the main issue is, when does life begin. And the thing that scares me is that I've heard some people say that "Life begins at 40." But I think we've gotta draw the line somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I believe it is easier to justify homosexuality than to justify abortion. In abortion, there is clearly another living thing that is directly involved. You have choices in regards to pregnancy. No, I don't know what you believe in terms of homosexuality, but I do know that psychologically homosexuality has been basically proven to be naturally occuring within some people. There are instances of homosexuality in nature and homosexuality has existed throughout history. I know many people who are gay and lesbian and they are among the most compassionate people in the world who just want to live life as they choose to. I believe that we should not have the right to decide who should be allowed to marry or receive certain benefits simply because we agree or disagree with them morally or religiously. I have always wondered why some people are so intenet on preventing gays from marrying, but aren't at the courthouse everytime an atheist or a liar or a thief marry. Or why they aren't campaigning to make divorce illegal unless there are extinuating circumstances. Two women who have been together since their 20s who have been discriminated against, judged, yelled at, made fun of, who have loved each other through all of the changes in our country for 50 years and only want to marry, or two drunk kids who go to church every Sunday but don't live a Christ-like life who get married as a joke just because they have that right? I know which one of these reaffirms my belief in the sanctity of marriage.
As I said, I'm not sure what your beliefs are, so I'm not trying to support or attack them. I'm simply saying: soon, you will have the amazing responsibility of raising a child. Please help that child to beoome someone who loves and supports, not judges and condemns.

Sara said...
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