Friday, November 14, 2008


I'm sure most of you who read my blog nonsense know already. But still, we're quite excited. Our Father is faithful. He gives and takes away. We will rejoice at whatever comes from His hand.

The little human Thompson is due on or close to June 23, 2009. If it is a boy, we are going to go with James Walker Thompson V. I'm JWT4. That should be fun.

If it is a little lass, we like Ruth as a middle name, but still don't know exactly what might flow nicely with it? We're open to suggestions as long as you don't mind us rejecting them :) Someone's name is kind of important.

Sara made this video to send to her far-away relatives. It's fun and the music is happy.

If you want a more consistent Thompson baby report, my wife is sure to keep it real on her blog.


Christina Ottis said...

what about "jimila V"

actually jamila in arabic means beautiful!

and there's always that strong Christian name, "Christina!"

Pecos Brad said...

that video is fantastic