Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

quote of the day

John Wesley:
When I have money, I get rid of it quickly, lest it find a way into my heart.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bible Verses on Military Guns?



What is the definition of "history"?

Does history have any innate meaning?

How do we now history has any meaning?

What gives history its meaning?

Is history objective fact?

Or... Is history facts paired with interpretations of those facts?

Mounce on Sunday and Sabbath in the NT


Dr Piper reciting Philippians

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

i declare?

Typography from Ronnie Bruce on Vimeo.

good biblical interpretation

From "The Art of Reading Scripture" edited by Ellen Davis and Richard B. Hays [pg 3].

Faithful interpretation of Scripture invites and presupposes participation in the community brought into being by God's redemptive action.

Scripture is like a musical score that must be played or sung in order to be understood.

an RC Sproul quote I totally agree with

I’ll retire when they pry my cold, dead fingers off of my Bible.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

hymn of the day

By Anne Steele [1717-1778]
My God, my Father, blissful Name
O may I call Thee mine
May I with sweet assurance claim
A portion so divine

This only can my fears control
And bid my sorrows fly
What harm can ever reach my soul
Beneath my Father's eye

Whate'er Thy providence denies
I calmly would resign
For Thou art just and good and wise
O bend my will to Thine

Whate'er Thy sacred will ordains
O give me strength to bear
And let me know my Father reigns
And trust His tender care

If pain and sickness rend this frame
And life almost depart
Is not Thy mercy still the same
To cheer my drooping heart

If cares and sorrows me surround
Their pow'r why should I fear
My inward peace they cannot wound
If Thou, my God, art near

God made San Diego really pretty

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

COLOSSiANS 1.13-20

Paul's hymn about Jesus in Col 1.15-20 is filled with ideas and thoughts that are almost too wonderful to comprehend. For example,
He is before all things and in him all things hold together.
How does that work? How do all things, living or non-living, have their ongoing sustenance in/by Jesus? Or here's another one,
All things have been created through him and for him.
So, Paul, you're saying that not only did this Jesus cause all that is to come into existence, whether the seemingly infinite galaxies or the subatomic particles, but all things are somehow for Him? Hmmm. Wow.

While the majority of this passage is masterful and elegant in content,
style, structure, etc, Paul ends in 1.20 on a minor chord. He says that Jesus
Made peace through the blood of His cross.
Now if you're living in the Roman Empire in the first century, the cross is not cute or even religious. The cross was for guilty criminals whose heinous deeds were known to all. Crucifixions were done publicly so as to shame the guilty. People were more than welcome to mock those being crucified to make themselves feel better.

If one was to think of the cross in light of the Roman Empire, they would think of it as the dark, dirty underbelly of justice. Those people were getting what was coming to them. The cross was a symbol of retribution. No one would ever dare think something as dumb or demented as peace being made through the cross. However, this was precisely the case.

This cross is saying something about the depth of the stain of sin [1.14, 21-22]. This cross is saying something about the greatness of the love of the Father [1.12-13]. There is something so radical and counter-cultural about the cross of Jesus that it changed Paul's thinking to its very core. It must effect the same in us.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Driscoll pokes fun at what the office of "pastor" has become in many churches. Here.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

James' Newest Baby Sitter

Look what my friend Matt gave me today. I think it is from the 1970s. It has programmed drum loops [i.e. waltz, tango, rumba, and dozens more]. James loves to shake what his mama gave him. Of course, I'll enjoy making music with it and Sara has already loved toying around with it too.