Saturday, August 8, 2009


In Paul's letter to the Philippians, he is joyful, grateful, hopeful, resolute, and overwhelmed by the gospel. "It's the Apostle Paul," you might say. "Of course he is."

But he was in prison! And a deficiency of gospel joy was nowhere to be found.

In chapter 1 alone, here's what Paul has to say about the story of God's redemptive purposes reaching their climax in Jesus ["the gospel"]. I pray that I could have this demeanor and confidence toward/in what I know God has promised to do. Our Father's predestined means for the kingdom moving forward are gospel preaching and living.

[1.5] PARTICIPATION in the gospel
Paul was persistently thankful in his prayers for the Philippians' "participation in the gospel from the first day until now." They were unified by the gospel and for the gospel.

[1.12] PROGRESS of the gospel
Paul knew that even his imprisonment was "for the greater progress of the gospel." Paul then says that suffering can be a gift from God [1.29] and that is precisely how he saw his imprisonment, as a gift that furthered the gospel.

[1.17] PROCLAMATION of the gospel
In 1.15-20, this is the thing that gives him added joy, the preached good news. He even says that some are proclaiming it for the wrong reasons, but it is still being proclaimed!

[1.27] PERSEVERANCE in the gospel
The gospel will move forward. He exhorted the believers in Philippi who were feeling religious and political pressure to STRIVE "together for the faith of the gospel." He gives himself as an example in 1.30 of how gospel ministry will include endurance and likely conflict.

Don't hate on my Ps. Three of them were in the NASB. It's their fault. Go Southern Baptist sermon outlines!

And here is James helping me on some Philippians :)

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