Friday, January 2, 2009

how to confuse a Barnes & Noble checkout girl

My atheist/agnostic brother-in-law [whom I genuinely and dearly love] and I went to Barnes & Noble and the wives went to do something girly. I can't remember what? He and I both had gift cards, which is equivalent to a couple of salivating 9-year olds set free in Toys R Us to play.

It was really funny to us and we thought that it should have been funny to our cashier. Here's what we checked out with:

We were later caught red-handed trying to out-read each other on the beach. I think it was a tie, but gosh we look good reading.

With Mikey, I enjoy our talks. He always wants me to take science more seriously and I always want him to take history more seriously. Our distinctions are not bullet points, but a completely different lens through which each of us views the world.

I know that I find patience, humility, grace, and dependence in our chats. I hope he can say that he finds intellectual stimulation and... encouragement? Hmmm? That is the friction, I believe. There are no giant ripple effects for me not being persuaded by his worldview. However, the Truth that has found me implies repercussions for not heeding its call. Of course, I'm the one who sounds like a moron here because these repercussions can't be immediately sensed or felt.

I suppose that I am out of my mind for the sake of Christ [2 Cor 5.13] and that it really is foolishness to believe what and who I believe [1 Cor 1.18-25].

I know Mikey loves me. He knows I love Him. We also know that we both disagree :)

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A seeker of THE Truth said...

What an awesome relationship you and your brother in law have. God could not have put anyone better in his path to share, with a thinking person's faith, the love of Christ.

God Bless!