Saturday, June 21, 2008

predestination ponderings

  • If you're a Christian and believe the Bible, you believe in predestination. Actually, you get to believe it. It's in the Bible. God has revealed it. However, what you believe about it is another story altogether.
  • As far as how the NT readers and writers understood it, it was never an issue of contention or debate.
  • In the NT, the doctrine of predestination is grounds for praise. Ephesians 1.3-14 is one huge sentence in Greek that praises/blesses God for his electing love and grace.
  • In the NT, the doctrine of predestination was a comfort for Christians. When Paul gets to the height of his discourse in Romans 5-8, he explains that present suffering and tribulation bow in comparison to future glory. He then says that this future glory is based on God's predestinating love. Cherishing this brought peace to Christians, not ignorant anger or arrogant apathy.
  • Obviously it leaves us now with tons of unanswered and unaswerable questions [the two are different you know]. We seem to collapse because we can't have every conclusion served on a simple, silver, intellectual platter. This is partially due to the fact that you are a product of Western post-Enlightenment thought. Why can't we just accept that the parts of this we don't understand that are intended by God to grant us great humility. This is of course easier said than done.
  • Lastly, the doctrine of predestination is not fair. Not a single one of us who are His deserve to be His. Our pride is so thick, our lusts are so strong, our minds are so bent, our passions are so misplaced. We all deserve terrible judgment, which He would be just and holy to give. Why He chooses to love anyone is not fair. We are pretty rotten, but He is rich in mercy.


Eudoxus said...

A few years back, Craigan Blankenship and I were having our own discussion on predestination (or rather, we were making fun of how stupid it is for us to debate things like this). We came to this conclusion concerning God's election versus Man's free will (for what it's worth): Why are we so conceited that we think we can figure it out? God is so far above us that He made it so that both free will and election are in play at the same time, and they even intersect in ways that our fallen, human eyes and hearts can not see. Just thought I'd share :-D

Pecos Brad said...

You have a gift my friend