Saturday, March 22, 2008


Even if you hate it, you can't say that it's not fun to read. Shane Claiborne's new book, that is.

"Jesus for President" takes almost 150 out of its 360 pages to retell the story of the Bible, flavoring it with political seasoning here and there. Claiborne then quotes heavily from the early church fathers and discusses the early church's life as it related to the state. His tons of historical references, stories, and quotes are worth the price of the book [from Constantine, Athanasius, St Francis, to America's founding fathers, and more]. He always has catchy and cute phrases to spur believers on to kingdom living in the present. Some of these include "compassionate imperialism", "practicing resurrection", "revolutionary subordination", and other trendy/hippie/emerging maxims. It's safe to say that anyone who cares about politics, the bible, church history, and social justice would find this a provoking read.

Muchas gracias, Shane.


Christina Ottis said...

would you mail it to me?

Anonymous said...

i was going through my list of feeds looking for something good to read..

the list was very unappealing. for many of the possibilities, i anticipated stories of new paint jobs in the living room or reports of how the pregnancy is faring.

so many of my feeds are nothing but estrogen-saturated ooze!

then i saw your feed. ahh, a fresh breath.


Amy said...

Thanks for your blog post about Jesus for President! I just wanted to let you know there are 2 videos of Shane speaking about Jesus for President, plus audio clips, visuals, and a blog tour at this link:

Please feel free to join the blog tour.