Thursday, January 10, 2008

am i an anarchist or a libertarian?

My wife and I are in the library right now taking political quizes online to see who we should vote for for president. We have found out that Mitt Romney and his wife Ann are the best looking. John McCain is the oldest and thus the most likely to die from natural causes. Hillary gets hype because she's a woman and used to sleep with a former president [Bill, of course]. Mike Huckabee is an excellent bassist and is a Southern Baptist with his head on his shoulders. Obama was born in Hawaii, has a winsome personality, and has morbid thoughts on abortion. And I guess John Edwards is just a good ol boy [he grew up in Seneca, SC!] who ended up rich as snot.

All of this is just to put in perspective how much I'm looking forward to kingdom consummation and Jesus reigning eternally and unhindered. And maybe, just maybe, this book will help tide me over. And if its contents don't, its title will. It's due out in March 2008.


Clint Hudson said...

Dude right on! Shane Claiborne's other book The Irresistible Revolution is freakin fantastic too. Shoot me over some e-love to keep in touch.

Andrew Lewis said...

I am totally stoked about "Jesus for President."