Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the book that i'm writing that i'll really never get around to

Teaching has really made me want to write a book. I don't have cute letters in front of my name so it will likely not happen. I've got a thorough bibliography, a table of contents, specific charts and paradigms, a thesis, etc, etc.

I want it to be a book that that appropriately blends reading the Scriptures narratively, doctrinally, devotionally, and theologically. My title would be "A King and A Kingdom: God's Story of Grace and Truth."

I've bounced the idea off several people. And, of course, my students are all thumbs up. We shall see. Here are the chapters:
  1. Scripture [what it is and what it isn't]
  2. Glory [the grand goal of it all]
  3. Inclusio [the royal narrative oreo]
  4. Covenant [the relational remedy]
  5. Covenant(s) [the story unfolds]
  6. Jesus [the covenants fulfilled]
  7. Gospel [the kingdom is here]
  8. Soteriology [this all means something about Salvation]
  9. Pneumatology [this all means something about the Spirit]
  10. Ecclesiology [this all means something about the Church]
  11. Eschatology [this all means something about the End]

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