Saturday, August 29, 2009


In Mr T's class, we start the weekend early. Fridays are not very academically oriented in my classroom. We usually take a quiz, grade it, catch up on or review the notes from that week, do a devotion, and/or see what the question box might hold for us.

Occasionally, our devotion time is a sing-along. We sing hymns though. It's fantastic. Even though close to half of the kids don't know some of them, I make them learn the hymns. This is education for crying out loud!

[this guy plays pipe organ in my class for me... I wish]

We will usually sing a hymn and then discuss which line or thought was our favorite and why. Yesterday, we sang 'Praise to the Lord, the Almighty.' After we spiritually mulled over it for 8-10 minutes or so, I asked them, "We only have a little bit of time left. Would you like to do the question box or sing another song?" Their reply: "Let's sing 'Praise to the Lord, the Almighty' again!" Tons of fun.

So, because they were greatly edified, I hope you will be too:
Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation
O my soul, praise Him, for He is thy health and salvation
All ye who hear, now to His temple draw near
Praise Him in glad adoration.

Praise to the Lord, who over all things so wondrously reigneth
Shelters thee under His wings, yea, so gently sustaineth
Hast thou not seen how thy desires ever have been
Granted in what He ordaineth?

Praise to the Lord, who doth prosper thy work and defend thee
Surely His goodness and mercy shall daily attend thee
Ponder anew what the Almighty can do
If with His love He befriend thee.

Praise to the Lord, O let all that is in me adore Him
All that hath life and breath, come now with praises before Him
Let the Amen sound from His people again
Gladly for aye we adore Him.

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Anonymous said...

I read this last night and was singing the song around my room before going to bed. Then, I went to church this morning and we sang this song first thing. It was nice. =) The lyrics are so beautiful and true!