Friday, July 3, 2009

Hebrews 9.27

I got off of work early the other day. When I got home, our good friend Oprah was on in the background. Sara was either hanging out with or changing James.

Oprah had Dr Oz on there. The topic was extending your lifespan. Dr Oz was discussing the huge steps that regenerative medicine has made. He swore that some of these steps could add 20 years to your life, maybe even more. Oz and Oprah then showed different means for extreme calorie burning and counting so that your cells might work more efficiently. This too, they were saying, could add decades to your life. They interviewed a 60 year old guy who said he had more energy than he did when was 20 because of his fragile and intense diet. Some people on there were practicing some of these methods Oz and Oprah were mentioning. They felt like they could live to be 120. It was fascinating.

The odd thing, however, is that medical research has shown that 100% of people actually die. And Oz and Oprah failed to mention this. Hmmm.

Maybe a better question to think about is: What can I do now that will mean something after that death thing?

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