Monday, May 25, 2009

The Plague of Passivity and the Hyper-Spiritualizing of Decisions

This is an excerpt from Kevin DeYoung's book "Just Do Something" [pgs 50-51].

Passivity is a plague among Christians. It's not just that we don't do anything; it's that we feel spiritual for not doing anything. We imagine that our inactivity is patience and sensitivity to God's leading. At times it may be; but it's also quite possible we are just lazy. When we hype-spiritualize our decisions, we can veer off into impulsive and foolish decisions. But more likely as Christians we fall into endless patterns of vacillation, indecision, and regret. No doubt, selfish ambition is a danger for Christians, but so is complacency, listless wandering, and passivity that pawns itself off as spirituality. Perhaps our inactivity is not so much waiting on God as it is an expression of the fear of man, the love of the praise of man, and disbelief in God's providence.

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Rachel Whitacre said...

i just finished this book. i really enjoyed it, and it's really challenged my thinking on the will of God.
when i read in the book the excerpt you have quoted i knew i had seen it on your blog before. always one step ahead, jim!