Saturday, May 2, 2009

10 signs that let me know i'm getting old

  • All I want to do now that the sun goes down later is take a drive somewhere in between 7:30 and 8:15 pm. I'm guessing my average speed is about 39 mph. Windows down, of course.
  • How unusually flustered I get at my students' flagrant immaturity. This is just a handful of them, but why is the handful always the loudest?
  • In the past year Sara and I have bought a house, bought a car, and made a baby. What in the heck am I doing?
  • At all times, I try to use as little electricity in the house as possible [lights, fans, heat, AC, etc], thinking that it will drastically decrease my power bill.
  • Whenever I ponder a new tattoo [a few times a month], I always talk myself out of it for financial reasons.

  • My prayer journal includes thanks to God for stuff like rain, grass, mornings, and friends.
  • I really really care about grass growing in my backyard.
  • I really really complain about mowing the grass that I previously wanted to grow in my backyard.
  • I actually forgot how old I was when a student asked me in class a couple months ago.
  • More than several engaged couples have asked me to do their pre-marital counseling. This is just as hilariously scary as it is an esteemed honor.

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KuryKidsMommy said...

Oh Jim, we are totally there with you. Except you should put on your list that washing machine shopping elicits great excitement, and going to bed before 9 does NOT make you a loser- just well rested.