Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"sweet sacramental sabbath" OR "foretaste"

There really is something grace-laden about Sundays to me. Driving on an unbusy Highway 14 with hymns lightly playing in the car has a satisfaction that that same route never affords. It is usually never too warm or too cool. After Sara quietly finishes her make-up, we usually sing a verse or so of whatever is playing. Then, with right blinker on as we pull into the parking lot, I turn the volume down and pray.

I ask our Father to bless His people coming together. I ask that He make us unified, humble, and happy. I ask the Spirit to empower the word that day and also to give utterance to other pastors we know.

There's just something about it. It's transcendant. I love it.

In a book I'm reading, this same feeling is put another way.

Sometimes I have loved the peacefulness of an ordinary Sunday. It is like standing in a newly planted garden after a warm rain. You can feel the silent and invisible life.

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Sara said...

i love sunday mornings with you and Jesus, too :)