Saturday, March 21, 2009

i had a coupon

This book is usually $50-55. I was blessed to find it for $36 today. And the justification for its purchase was simple - we just got our tax return. This is my "Uncle Sam present" and Sara gets one too. I'm already encouraged and challenged by it. Read its first paragraph below.

Of the making of dictionaries there would seem to be no end. What, then, could possibly justify adding one more item to an already well-stocked inventory? Neither the editors nor the contributors are under the illusion that new reference work will change the world. Nevertheless, we believe that the time is ripe for a resource that combines an interest in the academic study of the Bible with a passionate commitment to making this scholarship of use to the church. [This book] aims to provide clarification, analysis, and evaluation of the various approaches to biblical interpretation currently in the marketplace, with a view to assessing their theological significance - in particular, their value for reading Scripture in and for the community of the faithful. 

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andrew.lewis said...

That looks pretty sweet.