Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Welcome Wagon

Do yourself a favor. Buy this record and give yourself to it.

The Welcome Wagon is a soulful blend of artsy-fartsy, folk, and gospel music. Thomas Vito Aiuto is the planter and pastor of Resurrection Presbyterian in Brooklyn. He and his wife Monique team up to bring a fun freshness to hymn-ish music. Here is a recent interview with them. Enjoy.


andrew.lewis said...

Here, here! And while I know I'm about to show my elitist rear end, it's even better on vinyl -- the album art is fantastic.

Thanks for linking the church website; I had never thought to search for it before now.

Brandon and Leah said...

I don't have to do myself that favor, because Mr. Lewis already did it for me. He gave us a copy of this album and we listened to it for the entire 40 hour trip back to the Great White North... it really is an amazing album...