Thursday, December 18, 2008

theology for little people

It's awesome to know other guys in ministry who are older, wiser, and cooler than you because they've had their hand to the plow longer. I spoke to one of my favorites today - Chet Andrews.

I got to tell him that Sara and I were pregnant. He told me that if I thought discipling and encouraging students was a blessing, then getting to do that with your own kids is far sweeter. I so look forward to the day. It nearly cripples me with excitement to think about. 

Here's some great kid theology that I might be hunting after soon.

My mom read this kid's version of Pilgrim's Progress to me. The pictures are really intense. I used to be scared to death of the Apollyon pictures.

Our good friend Heather was the artist's model for Sproul's book on the little Lightlings. That's really spiritual of me. It's actually a great read too.

And this book, I've cried reading this book on SEVERAL occasions. This is one of the best books in print. I read it to my 10th graders and it's the quietest they ever get.

Again, here are others that look good for teaching younger kids the Bible. What a blessing to have books like this.

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Chris said...

I was just looking at that book. Tell me, does it try to make gospel connections from every story?