Thursday, December 4, 2008

this is the most intense bit of theology and philosophy you'll ever read

Actually a gross pregnancy update.

We thought that the wife was past the throw-up stage of pregnancy. She hadn't barfed since last Friday. She had gone about every day prior to that.

Sadly, we were mistaken. Who would've thought that her 4:15pm Waffle House craving yesterday would have held her back from almost one week vomit-free?

She seems to be better now. The baby has moved from the size of a raspberry to the size of a big lemon. She is so excited about being fat. She is really happy that she can't button the top button on some of her pants.

On a side note, we actually named the kid Raspberry Thompson for the pregnancy because it was the first fruit size we found out about. So, I wrote a little song called "Raspberry You." It's simple, happy, and cutesy. You can download it here [it is a website for my kids at school]. 

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