Sunday, August 24, 2008


Well, I've got 1 week down and 35 to go. No biggie. The first week was good. The kids are good. There's a little over 6 trillion 10th graders [at least this is what it feels like]. I've actually got the names down for probably over 100 of my 135 students. That makes me feel good. One thing that irks me though is this:

The kids that you want in your classes, that eat up what you say - they're quiet and well behaved. But the kids that want to talk and gab and carry class discussion because it means that get to flap their yapper - nobody is praying for a class full of them. Anywho. It's just a fun tension to deal with and of course, an over-generalization.

Aside from these things, Lord - please give me more grace. I'm way humbled that my job is the Bible. I get paid for this. How absurd, yet glorious!


Lily said...

Amen! I don't think a week has gone by since last August that I haven't told somebody (or an entire class) how amazing I find it that God has allowed me to "kerusso" His truth to a captive audience daily--and get PAID for it! I couldn't design a better job if I tried :)

Donna said...

Here's something we just read this morning - "All who undertake to teach must be endowed with deep love, the greatest of patience, and , most of all, profound humility." I know God must be pleased that you're using all those wonderful gifts he's given you.