Thursday, August 7, 2008

first day of school blues

Well, tomorrow I become a teacher. Gee, am I terrified. I get to teach Redemptive History and Systematic Theology to 10th and 11th grade. Should be fun.

God has blessed me with a good education. If you asked me to on the spot talk about post-Reformation ecclesiology for an hour, I wouldn't sweat a drop. But the administrative insanities will definitely stretch me.

One thing that is likely on your mind, if you know me at all, is - what in the heck is that kid going to wear [dear Art, I know you thought this]? What about my dad's old v-neck t-shirt that he used to check the oil with, my stellar cut-off jeans shorts, showerless trendy bed-head, and of course... no zapatos? Actually, I've been shopping. Fear not. Goodwill has purty clothes too.

Anywho, my excitement equals my horror. So, you're more than welcome to pray for me as I take this next vocational step. Shalom.

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Tasha Via said...

You'll be an AWESOME teacher. Those kids are going to love you!!