Wednesday, May 14, 2008

our humble abode


We closed the first week of May and have been taking loads over there nearly every day. Two small Hondas can't hold that much.

There has also been some manual labor required and several loads of nonsense to the dump.

We have painted a bunch as well. There was already a blue/green kind of theme in the house, so we painted our room Tranquil Bay. Paints have the coolest names.

Of course we are going to keep that satellite dish up there. 

Our neighbor Larry has been mowing our grass. He is the man. I think he mows his own grass twice a week. He smokes a pipe when he's on his riding mower.

Gee, it's fun to get the mail.

We also like our wood-burning fire place and $3-mirror from a garage sale. 

The backyard has a really tall and pretty tree-canopy that we love. This comes with free mosquitoes as well.

The last guy who lived here left a 1968 record player. I'm pretty excited about that. The only record he left us was "For Those of You About to Rock, We Salute You" by AC/DC.

Here's a good shot of part of the living room, Sara's favorite painting, our $40 Salvation Army love seat, and the bathroom way in the background over my right shoulder. 

We are very grateful and daily humbled that God has given us this place. I'm so scared of ever clinging too tightly to any earthly thing. I'd like to say that I would be like the Hebrews in 10.32-34 and be happy if some of my stuff got swiped because I know I have a better and lasting possession. We know that this is a gift from Him. And we pray that He would use it for His sake.

And with those hopes, we love our new crib.


andrew.lewis said...

Dude, it looks spectacular.

Sarah Weber said...

Love the new house! Congrats, guys!

Eudoxus said...

Looks great! Now when do we get to come over for dinner?

By the way, you've GOT to see the anniversary gift my Sarah got for me. IT RAWKS!!!

Sarah said...

did you grandma give you the complimenting love seat? because if she did, we're expecting her to be fair and send us something similar.