Thursday, May 8, 2008

evolution revelation

This is probably not thought-through enough, but it just kind of hit me the other day. Please let me know if it's off a little.

Evolution is primarily [maybe "only"] held to as a theory in countries that were founded on some sort of Judeo-Christian basis. This gives them a frame of reference to react against and deconstruct. They would say that this fits perfectly in their schematic of things slowly adapting to their environment. These random mutations in the mental realm just so happen to birth a self-aware theory of Darwinism only in post-Christian cultures. Evolution flaunts its own weakness if it must depend on that which it despises and opposes. Again, they would say that all my assertion is doing is clarifying what they hold. However, their point can only be heard from within the context of their doctrine. My accusation comes from looking at their system as a whole. Thus, they have some explaining to do [along with some Big Bang, fossil, and epistemological clarifications].

I haven't seen Ben Stein's "Expelled" yet, but heard that it's good. Maybe it'll make me think more about this.


Dulos said...

Interesting line of thinking... It might be a legit way to approach it. The thing that is really scarry to me about the whole deal is that the Atheistic/Evolutionistic movment of our day has become evangelistic in their efforts.

andrew.lewis said...

It's an approach I've never before considered. It might have some validity, though someone more knowledgeable than me would have to determine that.

If you want to see the strength of the argument, a good way might be humbly posing it to your brother in law and asking him to critique it, to show you the strengths and weaknesses. Because here you're sorta preaching to the choir, so to speak.

jim thompson said...

indeed. the choir hates my preaching :) i've definitely talked to mikey about stuff like this, but never this exactly.