Friday, March 14, 2008


Normal people generally write about normal stuff in the blogosphere. Here's my attempt at that because things at the Thompson apartment are good, but much change is either here or in seed form [and we're not pregnant yet, Christina].

I just started a new job. I'm painting. It's $10 an hour flat rate, no taxes out, and I can work as many or few hours as I want. Good times. All we do is talk about music, sports, women, politics, Jesus, and theology. There's also this ghetto sub shop down the road where you can get a 6-inch, a bag of chips, and a drink for $3.99. It'll bless you. I love some painting, but it's a reminder that God has wired me in another way. I guess we'll find out what that means.

We also have dear friends of ours that just got the official word that they are moving to China this summer. This is terribly upsetting because we'll miss them, but even sweeter because they're being obedient to the Spirit's call. We love you guys.

Our pet fish, Dishrag Wilberforce Thompson, is recovering from a pretty bad medical condition that he has had for several weeks. He's a trooper. Along this line, the mighty Sara needs her wisdom teeth out and a little more belly healing, but doing so much better than a couple months ago.

Our purchase of this Macbook is equally amazing and time-sucking. I suppose we're making up for all the lost time we had with no internet. I can't wait to learn Garage Band on here.

Lastly, we have begun house-hunting. Mine and Sara's lease ends in July. It would be great to be in a house by then and everybody who gives a flip enough to read this can come and help us move in! The more we have talked about it, looked at actual houses, discussed essentials, discussed price range, etc, etc, etc.... the more it hits me that buying a house is first and foremost a spiritual decision. How this truth is excluded from all seminary curriculum befuddles me.

We have to be good stewards; it's not our money. We have to think about what it is God has for us ministry-wise in 10 years. We have to think about raising up little crazy Thompsons. We have to keep in mind that "the Son of Man had no place to lay His head." He will provide. But we are drowning under the wake of capitalism, suburbia, materialism, and pseudo-spirituality. The last thing I want to do is feed one of those monsters. I think flippantly going about this can do just that. In the end, we want to be lights in this world with loose grips and yet gratitude to what we have been given. So,

We need James 3.17 wisdom and He has promised to give it.


Dulos said...

Glad to hear the fish is well... Even more glad to hear that your wife is doing well... Equally sad and excited that we are going to be sending our mutal bro to a far away land to do the work of God in a really cool way and place!! As far as the house hunting goes... there are a few in our neighborhood that might be a good choice and the added bonus is that you'll live near me and then we can do all the cool neighbor things together.

andrew.lewis said...

Very good thoughts. Nice coconuts. And if I'm around, I'll help y'all move.

Lauren H. Buczkowski said...

I am so glad that your fish is healing!

Christina Ottis said...

That picture is so white trash. I love it. I'm a little disappointed there won't be any little Thompsons yet, but when there are, please don't name any of them dishrag. You weirdos. Love and miss you both. We will figure out ichat soon!

Anonymous said...

capitalism is a monster?

Wil said...

yo brotha!

glad to hear things are good. exspecially that you are now a mac daddy like myself!

i threw up a link to your blog on mine ( showin' some love!

j.brush said...

Oh yes. Sub AND More. Amen to the good times painting but wired another way. I'm just making the money to gain my independence... Oh, and Dishrag is definitely a fitting name for your fish :)