Friday, February 1, 2008

prayers for the real sara thompson

Today I was bored and typed my wife's name into a search engine. I was presented with several options for who my wife really is. There was Sara Thompson "Rebelious Leadership" or Sara Thompson the cheerleader for the Denver Nuggets or my personal favorite - the USS Sara Thompson [which used to be a ship in our Navy].

After deliberation, I think I'll stick with the funny girl with a gi-normous smile from a trailer in the hills of South Carolina who can't seem to wipe joy off of her face. You're more than welcome to pray for her these days, as
her Crohns disease is alive and well. It hurts us for the moment, but we know that He does all things well.


Sara said...

i love you AND your blog

Bible Ninja said...

You clearly forgot the 'Wii-Sarah'

Jed said...

Jim this was such a sweet post... I will definitely remember you guys!!