Monday, January 14, 2008

10 things i wish JESUS never said [book review]

What I love about this book is the sources from where Victor Kuligin quotes. I haven't checked precisely, but it would not surprise me if he has cited writings from every century of church history. This includes quoting mystics, revivalists, the fathers, the reformers, monks, and academicians. He also has no shame in taking poignant jabs at American Christianity. It is devotional, theological, practical, and humbling. The impossibility of taking up one's cross is felt on every page. Lastly, Kuligin's tone is experiential. It is evident that he has fought some of these battles himself.

So, read away. Even if you're not on board with him 100% theologically, you will still be greatly encouraged, highly convicted, and find yourself totally dependent.

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