Saturday, January 19, 2008


[and nine other misconceptions]

Mark Driscoll is usually pretty faithful and culturally astute in walking through books of the Bible in his preaching and teaching. This time, however, he's taking another approach.

He let people ask questions online and then vote for the nine they wanted to hear him preach on. Because of who and where he is, both the questions and his answers are fun to listen to. Give it a listen here or here. The issues are:

  1. birth control, etc
  2. humor & how he makes fun of people
  3. predestination & the problem of evil
  4. what he struggles with the most
  5. dealing with sexual sin
  6. understanding faith & works
  7. Christian dating & courting
  8. learning form "emerging" churches?
  9. the Scriptures, theology, & methodology

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