Wednesday, December 26, 2007

isaiah 9 [my vote for president]

The Apostle John understood that he was wonderful counselor [Jn 14.16, 1 Jn 2.1], mighty God [Jn 1.1-3], everlasting father [Jn 10.30], and prince of peace [Jn 16.33].

These Messianic promises from Isaiah 9 are hugely trinitarian. The Holy Spirit is likewise our counselor and God is our Father. Isaiah said this because he knew that all of God was going to redeem all of his people by giving them all the fullness of himself.

And this child, this kid – the government is going to be on his shoulders. It is a government of peace. It is a government that cannot and will not end. It's not that his government will just not stop, but it will always increase. I'm voting for him. "His truth abideth still. His kingdom is forever."

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Christina Ottis said...

Sometimes I risk people not believing I ever went to Bible College when I ask questions like this, but I doubt anyone is going to read a comment from a post that is a few months old anyway. I was just reading in Matthew where Jesus is telling one parable after another about the Kingdom. Yes, I was present for all of those chapels on the Kingdom, but I don't think I really learned anything. My question, of course, comes back to my interest in humanitarian efforts. I know it depends on my theology of ends times and all that stuff, but as the ch., are we to be making peace on earth now? That is, if we are living in the Kingdom now, should our aim, after making Him known, be to promote peace and justice on this earth and make the earth as much heaven-on-earth-like as we can, or are those things supposed to be left for his return? Are we supposed to only focus on bringing peace through Jesus to people's hearts or is bringing physical peace important as well? I just want to know how I am supposed to live in "the Kingdom."