Saturday, December 22, 2007

ephesians 4.25-6.24

  • The Apostle Paul wrote 13 epistles [i know there's hundreds of really smart people that disagree].
  • In these 13 epistles, there are 86 chapter divisions.
  • In these 13 epistles, there are 448 imperative verbs.
  • This averages out to 5.21 imperative verbs per chapter. We all know that Paul doesn't write that rigidly, but just go with me on this one.
  • There are 40 imperative verbs in Ephesians. From Eph 4.25-6.24 [which for now we will consider two chapters] there are 39 imperative verbs. This is the highest concentration of imperative verbs in the whole Bible - almost 20 per chapter. God chose them before the world's creation to be holy and blameless [1.4] and prepared good works beforehand for them to walk in them [2.10]; these imperatives seem to be a means to those great ends.

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