Thursday, October 4, 2007

fastest growing churches in America

Personal and pointless facts about the 100 fastest growing churches in America, especially from the view a Bible-belt South Carolinian:

1. A father and son combo make the cut and each have their own church.

2. Husbands and wives pastor some of these congregations together. I must have missed that somewhere in the pastoral

3. The fastest growing church in America is a Latino-based congregation.

4. It is simply
intriguing to see which denominations are on this list and which are not. This is not a slam or a compliment, merely noteworthy.

5. With each congregation it lists the number of campuses they have and the only church with 10 or more campuses is in South Carolina. Congrats?!

6. There are a whole lot of HUGE ones in the south.

7. My friend Steve planted the third fastest growing church in the country! He also played on stage with Green Day in high school.

8. Jesus will build His church [Matt 16.18] and all growth of the church will come from Him being the God-ordained head [Col 2.19] and not necessarily really cool lights or cute talks on how to live better tomorrow. This is not sarcastic or
pessimistic, but hopeful and realistic. Lord, please make these churches Gospel-saturated. I dare you to pick just 5 off the list and pray.

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