Friday, August 31, 2007

iSAiAH 40-66 [perpetual promises]

One can see the substitution of the suffering servant, the freeness of grace in the gospel, and the new heavens and new earth all in Isaiah 40-66. Within these chapters, it is unique to note all the things that are modified with the Hebrew word olam, usually translated “everlasting.” These descriptions show the unending nature of the New Covenant in Jesus.

40.28... everlasting God
45.17... everlasting salvation [also 51.6]
51.8.... everlasting righteousness
51.11... everlasting joy [also 61.7]
54.8.... everlasting lovingkindness
55.3.... everlasting covenant [also 61.8]
55.13... everlasting sign
56.5.... everlasting name [also 63.12]
60.15... everlasting majesty/pride
60.19... everlasting light [also 60.20]

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