Friday, August 31, 2007

the barren wombs

So, when women in the Bible couldn’t have babies, that’s when God loved to show off and short-circuit the human reproductive system. It is pretty impressive to scout the line-up of the “barren” women in the Bible. What’s even more impressive is the children these women bore. It is a real shocker that these kids were always main players in God’s redemptive story. Not only does it make me ponder the dead womb of nothingness and matter-lessness before creation [Heb 11.3], but it reminds me of the dead womb of my heart before He revealed and imparted grace.

Sarai [Gen 16.1]
Rebekah [Gen 25.21]
Rachel [Gen 29.31]
Manoah’s wife [Jdg 13.2]
Hannah [1 Sam 1.2]
Elizabeth [Luke 1.7]
Mary [Is 7.14, Mt 1.23]

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